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Spirituality has always been a huge part of my human experience.. Seeking to understand how the great leaders of unconditional love created miracles has been my life-work. To know how to do what they did. to feel how they felt about life and people. to have their ultimate connection to the universe. I believe that every human being can become a deliberate creator and live a full and purposeful life. I believe i am called to share all that i know and continue to learn about higher conscious living with you. love. Clarity. Self awareness. join me as i guide you in the discovery of your true self. You are the creator of your life. Learn practical tools that you can apply to see real results and Let me show you how to turn your thoughts into things. <3


unconditionally michelle podcast

Stay tuned! The podcast will be out october 1, 2019. Featuring the latest information on the science and spirituality connection., interviews with experts in the field and real stories of deliberate creators, plus actionable business steps that you can apply immediately to begin or grow a business in the online marketplace.



create the life that you were meant to live. join me in the online classroom where I share freebies, lessons and special offers. let me help you build a business based on your unique gifts. there is only one you in the world. No one has what you have to give. I’ll cover everything from business ideas, additional income streams, personal branding, social media strategies and more.



this is not your ordinary shop. its a movement to elevate human consciousness. inspired to encourage the understanding and sharing of the science and spiritual connection, each product is designed to serve as a reminder of your greatness. Products intended to start conversations, to inspire and to connect you with your higher self. <3


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